182 topics to write about

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182 topics to write about

More key literacy components Writing is the ability to compose text effectively for various purposes and audiences [1]. Writing is a tool for communication and learning that allows us to document, collect, and widely circulate detailed information [2].

Writing also provides a means of expressing oneself and persuading others. Writing, however, 182 topics to write about not just a method of communication and expression. In addition, many of the skills that are involved in writing, such as grammar and spelling, reinforce and 182 topics to write about reinforced by reading skills [4].

What do good writers do? As the demands of content instruction increase, so do literacy demands in both reading and writing. Students are expected to read and write across various genres and disciplines [5]. Skilled writers employ different types of strategies to help navigate the writing process.

Skilled writers learn to be self-directed and goal-oriented. Good writers employ self-regulation strategies that help them to plan, organize, and revise their own work independently [6].

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Self-regulation strategies include goal setting, self-instruction, and self-monitoring. Good writers are aware of and able to compose various text genres [7], such as narrative, persuasive, and descriptive essays. Back to Top What challenges do adolescent readers face with morphology?

182 topics to write about

Students who do not write well are at a disadvantage because they lack an effective communication and learning tool. Finally, teachers use writing to assess the content knowledge of students, so those students who do not write well often suffer academically [9].

Back to Top How can instruction help adolescent students with morphology? Several instructional strategies have been found to be effective in improving the writing of struggling adolescent readers.

These strategies include using direct, explicit, and systematic instruction; teaching students the importance of pre-writing; providing a supportive instructional environment; using rubrics to assess writing; and addressing the diverse needs of individual students.

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Use direct, explicit, and systematic instruction to teach writing Direct, explicit, and systematic instruction is the most widely suggested instructional practice for improving writing skills. Examples of strategies and skills that can be taught across content areas include the steps of the writing process planning, drafting, revising, and editing and skills relevant to editing and revision.

To use direct, explicit, and systematic instruction in writing: Explain the writing skill or strategy and model how to apply it in writing in a manner that is similar to what students will be asked to do, Guide students in using the skills and strategies in their writing assignments and provide corrective feedback, Provide time and opportunities for independent practice with the writing skills and strategies, and Repeat these instructional steps until students are able to use them independently in their writing.

Teach students the importance of pre-writing Students need to learn the steps of the writing process planning, drafting, revising, and editing [11]. Too often students do not take the time to plan before they write nor do they revise and edit after they write. Research has indicated that pre-writing or planning, in particular, provides students with time to figure out what they know about their topic and organize their thoughts [12].

Regardless of the content area, pre-writing or planning is helpful. In a typical ninth grade social studies class, students might be expected to write an essay or a research report on the industrialization of America.

Pre-writing allows students to think through what they know about American industrialization and what they might need to research regarding this topic.

In addition, the organization of the essay or report can be planned during this pre-writing stage. The most common types of pre-writing strategies taught are: Brainstorming and making lists, Developing outlines, and Using graphic organizers [13].

These planning activities can help students shape their loosely organized thoughts and ideas into a useful framework [14]. With brainstorming, teachers should encourage students to speak and think freely. It is only later that the most relevant information to the topic is extracted from the list created from the brainstorming activity.

Outlines have the potential to become too elaborate for struggling adolescent readers, so teachers should encourage students to prepare less detailed outlines to help frame their thoughts [15].

These outlines could be only three layers with main topics, subtopics, and supporting details Graphic organizers, such as spider maps, series-of-events chains, and compare-and-contrast matrices, are useful in helping students to visualize connections between the information to be included in an essay or report [16].

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Provide a supportive instructional environment for students Writing skills are best developed with practice in a supportive instructional environment [17]. Providing students with substantial support at each step of the writing process is important to their success with writing [18].

Suggestions for providing a supportive environment for writing include: Make writing a regular part of the activities in every class, across content areas; Give students opportunities to engage in extended writing; Ask leading questions that prompt students to plan next steps in the writing process.

For example, you might ask a student who has decided to write about cars but has not decided what type of writing to produce, "So would you like to create your own story about cars or persuade someone that one kind of car is better than another?

Using rubrics to assess writing Although this section describes writing instructional strategies that may be useful to teachers as they teach within their content area, it is important to address how the writing will be assessed.

Assessment tools such as rubrics are available, and teachers should make students aware of these tools during instruction so that the students will understand the standards and expectations of good writing before they begin the writing process.We can write the cumulative damage reliability function for the Arrhenius-Weibull model as: We can use this cumulative damage Arrhenius-Weibull reliability function to calculate the reliability of a product at a given time under a time-varying stress with the estimated model parameters β, C and B.

Economics Topics in Microeconomics (Research) Winter , Professor Joel Watson This course examines a few topics in applied game theory.

In teams, the students will participate in research read and evaluate part of the technical literature and write a short paper (or other suitable output).

2. Topics Breeding and Reproduction Horse breeding from planning through foal care Diseases and Conditions Horse-health-problem risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

About the Cumulative Damage Model

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