An overview of amy tans a pair of tickets

Jennifer Valles Amy Tan is an author who uses the theme of Chinese-American life, focusing mainly on mother-daughter relationships, where the mother is an immigrant from China and the daughter is a thoroughly Americanized --yellow on the surface and white underneath. In her book, the mother tries to convey their rich history and legacy to her daughter, who is almost completely ignorant of their heritage, while the daughter attempts to understand her hopelessly old- fashioned mother, who now seems to harbor a secret wisdom, who, in the end, is right about everything all along. At the opening of the story "A Pair of Tickets" Jandale Woo and her father are on a train, the are destined for China.

An overview of amy tans a pair of tickets

As they near the country of their heritage, Jing-Mei begins to feel pensive, sentimental, and strangely Chinese. She also thinks about the fact that she could not bring herself to write and tell the twins that Suyuan was dead. Instead, she asked the ladies of the Joy Luck Club to write the twins about her death.

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The old lady and her family come to meet them at the station and give them a rousing welcome. The affection and warmth that they display touch Jing-Mei deeply. She quickly makes friends with her cousins and poses for photographs with them.

At the hotel, everyone shares their memories, filled with joy and sorrow. Suyuan walked for days, trying to outrun the invading Japanese. Feeling miserable, hungry, and exhausted and with bleeding feet and hands from the journey, Suyuan felt she could not go on.

Concerned for the welfare of her daughters, she tried to give the twins to someone who would protect them, but no one would help her.

Amy tan a pair of tickets theme analysis essay

Finally she stuffed her few valuable possessions into the clothing of the infants and left them by the road while she went in search of food. The weak and feverish Suyuan passed out along the way; when she woke up, she was in the back of a truck filled with refugees and missionaries.

The little girls were not with her, and she would not see them again. Later, when she met and married Canning Woo, they returned to China to find the girls, but were unsuccessful. A poor country couple found the twins on the side of the road and raised them.

Canning also tells Jing-Mei that her name has special meanings. Jing-Mei literally means that she is pure and that she is a younger sister. Suyuan chose the name so that her lost sisters would be a part of her.

Now Canning and Jing-Mei are on their way to make the wish come true. Jing-Mei and her father next head to Shanghai to see the twins. On the airplane, Jing-Mei feels tense and apprehensive. Jing-Mei immediately sees her mother in them. Jing-Mei feels complete, connected, and in touch with her heritage at last.

Notes This chapter is a fitting conclusion to the novel. Although Suyuan is not reunited with her lost daughters before her death, she passes on the desire to meet them to Jing-Mei. As a result, she and her father travel to China for a reunion with her older sisters.

On the journey, Jing-Mei understands and accepts the importance of her Chinese heritage. She also realizes that Suyuan is a strong bond that holds her and her two sisters together.

Even though Jing-Mei has changed into a different appearance, becoming Americanized, her Chinese heritage is finally important to her. The concluding chapter is also a fitting finale in other respects.Stream Amy Tan's "A Pair of Tickets" and Setting by eduttonNETC from desktop or your mobile device.

An overview of amy tans a pair of tickets

Dec 06,  · What are some short stories by Amy Tan? “Rules of The Game” - Amy Tan The Norton Introduction to Literature, 5th Edition, contains her short story "A Pair of Tickets". You may be able to find it in your public library. Jeanine · 3 years ago.

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Watch video · Synopsis. Amy Tan was born on February 19, in Oakland, California. In , she wrote the story "Rules of the Game," which was the foundation .

The short story 'A Pair of Tickets' is a component of a novel 'The Joy Luck Club' by Amy Tan which focuses on a woman fulfilling the lifelong wish of her mother. Amy Tan has always seen the world as a violent, dangerous place - with good reason.

Her own life, and that of her mother and grandmother in pre-revolutionary China, has been dogged with.

An overview of amy tans a pair of tickets
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