Argos jehanne dubrow

Felts during and after the Civil War.

Argos jehanne dubrow

And, that polar-bear puppy on the right is Argos. Argos likes to lie under my desk and curl around my feet while I answer emails.

My husband and I love Nespresso; we have machines at our separate offices as well as ones at home.

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I add a little bit of sugar-in-the-raw. Any treats for you or Argos on this occasion? Again, cookies are essential, not only for maintaining blood sugar levels but also for keeping up morale. Argos gets little salmon bites: How did Argos get his name?

When Odysseus returns to Ithaca in disguise, after a Argos jehanne dubrow absence first ten years in the Trojan War, followed by another decade trying to get homeArgos is the first one to recognize him.

Because my husband and I met and fell in love at St. Even more fittingly, my husband is now career Navy—a sailor like Odysseus—and Argos often functions as the main companion to my modern-day Penelope.

Argos goes by many names: How were you and Argos united? My husband and I had been talking for several years about the possibility of a dog: I remember that I was sitting on the living room floor, drafting a poem, when my husband slowly opened the front door and a tiny brown body entered the room: That was my first meeting with Argos.

Does Argos contribute to your writing? Argos is an essential figure in my third book, Stateside Northwestern UP,which addresses my experiences as a military spouse through the Before, During, and After of a deployment. At least four poems in the collection mention Argos directly.

He nuzzles sand, runs to where the waves break, snaps at lacquered fish that swim near shore. You let him off the leash, because you like to see the freedom of a loosened thing, a ball releasing from a hand, a voice untying from the collar of the throat.

Each day you walk a little farther, then bring him home to me, his tail a muddy spike, his body soggy as a kitchen mop. My parents have a madcap Tibetan Terrier named Metro we call him Turbo. Their games seem to have mutually agreed upon rules. Argos is a lover not a hater.

I believe that Argos sees the world as made up of different sizes and shapes of dogs.

Argos jehanne dubrow

Squeaky toy, ball, stick? He loved that Kosher bone so much that it eventually smelled like a real bone, the squeaker lost its squeak, and the blue and white fleece turned brown. He wags first, asks questions later. If Argos could change one thing about you, what would it be? I am his groomer.

Every three weeks we hop in the shower together, after which I pour medicine in his ears, force him to towel dry in the sun, and eventually spend two hours cutting and brushing his hair.

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I suspect Argos would rather I allowed him to roll in a pile of moldy leaves or let him rub his face across the lawn until his beard turned green. If Hollywood made a movie about your life in which Argos could speak, which actor should do his voice?Jehanne Dubrow founded Cherry Tree in She is the author of five poetry collections, including most recently The Arranged Marriage (UNMP ), Red Army Red (Northwestern UP ), and Stateside (Northwestern UP ).

Jehanne Dubrow is a PhD candidate in creative writing at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln and is currently serving as a Sosland Foundation Fellow at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies in . Bookish goings-on in Texas for the week of March , Special Events:The Beall Poetry Festival, Waco, March Houston Public Library Foundation 2nd Annual Beyond the Page Ben.

Dubrow, Jehanne // New England Review ();Spring, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p Presents the poem "Fasting," by Jehanne Dubrow. First Line: The Tongue will recreate the taste of juice, Last Line: A hand holds tight before it learns release.

Steeped in Jewish and Polish history, they’re set in the invented town of AlwaysWinter, a lush, strange, and frequently harrowing place where even the most mundane objects seems imbued with sexuality, pain, and danger.


This is a wonderful poetic sequence and, more than a mere ventriloquist, Jehanne Dubrow is a poet of enormous skill and vision. Jehanne Dubrow’s work has appeared in Shenandoah, Poetry Northwest, Gulf Coast, and Prairie Schooner.

She is the author of the poe try collection, The Hardship Post, winner of the Three Candles Press First Book Prize (), and a chapbook, The Promised Bride (Finishing Line ).

Argos jehanne dubrow
From the Pentagon by Jehanne Dubrow : American Life in Poetry