Reality just face it

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Reality just face it

It is a wonderful thing to have role models, and to emulate others in order to achieve similar results. But it is another thing entirely to want to be somebody else. There is a fundamental distinction between wishing to have certain qualities of another person and wishing to actually be that other person.

This desire to be another person is a form of escapism, which is a very unhealthy way of coping with the challenges in your life. The caricature of an unpopular nerd, heavily addicted to role-playing games, is a perfect example of this.

But you need not be that far removed to experience the negative effects of shrinking away from reality. Escapism, or withdrawing from the pressures of the real world into a safer fantasy world, is pervasive in our culture.

It comes in many forms, some Reality just face it subtle, and prevents us from doing what we need to do to improve the circumstances of our real lives.

With enough repetition, you come to view yourself as a totally separate entity from the one that has these negative traits or circumstances. Rather than engage in healthy introspection or meaningful social interaction, we occupy ourselves endlessly with Facebook, television, email, video games, gambling, drugs and alcohol, and so on.

Escapism is the opposite of mindfulness. Escapism allows us to numb ourselves to a reality that we do not want to accept. It allows us to avoid feelings of shame or emotional pain. For most people, these fantasies are localized to one or a few specific areas, as opposed to fantasies of being an entirely different person.

For men, a common fantasy realm is that where their success with women is far greater than it is in real life.

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Escapism is a way of attempting to negate our personal responsibility and to avoid the discomfort of existential angst that we all must deal with. We are ultimately responsible for all the decisions that we make and the actions that we take, but living in a fantasy world is a way of absolving ourselves of the consequences of our actions.

Why You Must Return To Reality It should be obvious by now that a tendency to retreat into fantasy is going to have negative effects on you. But what are these effects?

Mood and Depression First and foremost, people who use escapism as a coping strategy tend to be more depressed. This is hardly surprising.

There is plenty of evidence that avoidant escapist coping methods are associated with depression, but which causes which? In a ten year prospective study, researchers found that baseline avoidance coping was prospectively associated with higher life stress both acute and chronic at year four, and that these life stressors linked baseline avoidance coping with depressive symptoms at year ten3.

The way you deal with stress has an impact on how much stress you have, and this higher stress can cause depression.

Avoidant coping is also a predictor of psychological distress in elderly individuals5. Additionally, certain escapist behaviors have been linked to depression. In particular, technology use. In a large survey of Korean internet users, overuse of the internet was associated with depression, loneliness, and compulsiveness6.

Why You Must Return To Reality

Many of these addicts, when surveyed, said that they use the internet to avoid reality, and were significantly more likely to use the internet in response to feelings of sadness or depression. Interestingly, internet addicts tend to engage in interactive services online gaming, participating in forums, etc.

Contrast this with non-addicts, who were far more likely to meet up with real people in response to sadness. Information and communication technology in general is associated with higher levels of stress and depression in college students7.

Television exposure and total media exposure in adolescence are associated with increased odds of depressive symptoms in young adulthood, especially in young men8.

And, for adolescents, use of role-playing games is predictive of internalizing problem behaviors such as anxiety or social withdrawal9.Sep 27,  · It can be hard to accept yourself, your life, and you the reality that you live.

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Maybe you don't like your future prospects, or dislike an aspect of your personality, or some days you don't like something about how you look.

It is common for people to be critical of themselves, but there are a 82%(37).

Reality just face it

I hope that my answers will inspire me to face reality with the motivation to improve and not plunge me deeper into my fantasy world instead.

the worst part is that because reality and fantasy get so jumbled I begin to wonder if God is just a fantasy, even though I KNOW there is ABSOLUTELY no LOGICAL explanation for the genesis of the. Aug 08,  · An uncensored medical spa owner and her family and friends embark on a series of hilarious adventures in this reality television show in Las Vegas.

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Just face the reality. likes. Real and interesting. Apr 16,  · Hard To Face Reality-Mini Movie(Gacha Studio) - Duration: Just Maria , views. 'Even if it's a lie' - A Short Roblox Sad Story - Duration: Stokeze , views.

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