Sophie scholl essay questions

She entered junior or grade school at the age of seven, learned easily, and had a carefree childhood. Inthe family moved to Ludwigsburg and then two years later to Ulm where her father had a business consulting office. InScholl started attending a secondary school for girls.

Sophie scholl essay questions

Nazi law and order Roland Friesler, the notorious Nazi judge Like other fascist states, Nazi Germany was obsessed with upholding law and order. Nazi law and order was predicated on the idea that all individuals should be subordinate to the state, law-abiding and obedient. Everyone was to be aware of their place and was not to deviate from it.

While many Nazi policies were part of Gleichschaltung, law and order policies were particularly important.

He also supported radical measures since adopted by modern governments, such as gun control and bans on smoking in public places. Nazi Germany became a true police state possessing several law enforcement and investigative agencies, each of which had wide-ranging powers.

Some of these organisations, like the Gestapo, were notorious for using intimidation, torture and extra-legal killing.

Sophie scholl essay questions

Others, like the Sicherheitsdienst, are not as well known but were no less fearsome. As with Nazi government departments, the different responsibilities and jurisdictions of Nazi police agencies were not well defined. There was considerable overlap between police organisations, meaning they often co-operated with, and sometimes even competed against each other.

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The main Nazi police agencies were: Formed by Hermann Goering in Aprilthe early Gestapo was recruited from the Prussian police service. A year later it was absorbed into the SS and placed under the command of Heinrich Himmler.

When Himmler was made chief of all German police inthe Gestapo became a national agency. Its function was to investigate and remove major threats to the state, including treason, espionage and assassination plots against Nazi leaders.

Initially the Gestapo was quite small, with barely 5, agents before During the war it increased to more than 45, agents.

Himmler intended an eventual and complete fusion of SS and policeā€¦ Although this never happened de jure [officially], it was clearly a reality by The Kripo were plain-clothed detectives who investigated serious criminal offences, like murder, manslaughter, sexual assault, arson, fraud and major theft.

The Nazis absorbed the Kripo into the SS in and infiltrated it to some extent. Kripo detectives with anti-Nazi views were pressured into resignation or retirement, while many loyal Nazis were drafted into the Kripo.

Nazi law and order

Unlike the Gestapo, the Kripo and its actions could be reviewed by the courts, so Kripo agents tended to use more conventional policing methods. Both agencies were merged into the SiPo inthough they continued to operate separately.

Himmler was appointed commander in chief of the SiPo, which gave him control of both political and criminal police forces.

Sophie scholl essay questions

The main function of the SD was to identify and deal with opponents of the regime, so it often worked closely with the Gestapo. After the SD was influential in Nazi-occupied Europe, charged with maintaining security in Jewish camps and ghettos, labour camps and military installations.

SD agents infiltrated Jewish populations, uncovering escape plots, investigating black market rings and locating other agents or hidden persons. It was the SD in Amsterdam, for instance, which raided the hiding place of teenage diarist Anne Frank and her family.

The Orpo was the uniformed police force of Nazi Germany.

Gates of Vienna

Prior touniformed police had been managed by state and local governments. Control passed to the SS after Himmler took control of all German police later that year. Himmler expanded and reorganised the Orpo, to deal with a wider range of policing and emergency response issues.

Orpo battalions were deployed to manage traffic, water safety and public transport; to provide fire safety and response; to organise air raid precautions, guard infrastructure and communications facilities, even serve as nightwatchmen for important factories.

Some Orpo battalions were also trained to act as a home guard or reservist military force. Before the Nazis had talked tough about German courts, accusing them of being too liberal and too soft on crime, with conventions that favoured criminals rather than their victims.

The Nazis did not have to change the court system; the system simply changed for them. Judges were at the heart of this transformation.

They interpreted and enforced Nazi legislation, even their dubious racial and eugenics policies, without question for the most part.Roland Friesler, the notorious Nazi judge. Like other fascist states, Nazi Germany was obsessed with upholding law and order. Nazi law and order was predicated on the idea that all individuals should be subordinate to the state, law-abiding and obedient.

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The group included the Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, Cristoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell, Willi Graf and Jugen Wittenstein. But also a philisophy teacher named Kurt Huber was a part of the anti-nazi group.

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Opposition to the Nazis