The vulnerability of innocence

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The vulnerability of innocence

More Essay Examples on Literature Rubric Throughout the short story, Melville continuously brings up the conflict of a struggle between good and evil. As it discusses the scorpion as an evil that only Creation, or God, can create.

An evil that strongly points to Satan who is known as the ultimate evil. This is interesting, as Captain Vere The vulnerability of innocence a knowledgable man who is known for studying books instead of conversing with others.


With this knowledge the innocence of an individual diminishes slowly as the necessary evils of the world becomes apparent and the naivety of an individual becomes intelligence. However, Claggart did not obtain his evil through knowledge, instead his evil comes naturally to him and is innate.

The vulnerability of innocence

On the other hand, Billy Budd is known for his innocence and his goodness. Yet the angel must hang! This relationship between Claggart and Billy Budd demonstrate how the narrator depicts each character: The narrator uses this relationship to further demonstrate to the audience that Billy Budd and John Claggart are foils of each other.

This is further demonstrated in the similarities and differences of Billy and Claggart as a foil is a person that contrasts and enhances the qualities of another person. In the short story, Billy Budd is characterized as child-like as his first name is William and is shortened to Billy, and is later nicknamed Baby Budd Melville, This suggests an immaturity about Billy, which is similar to a flower that has yet to bloom.

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His immaturity is further exhibited as he is unable to distinguish between his friends and enemies, or even that he has enemies as he is unable to comprehend sarcasm Melville, Despite his immaturity, he is considered the Handsome Sailor Melville, and has a position as a foretopman on the ship Melville, This means that he is handsome, well-liked, and favored among the ship.

Even with the title as the Handsome Sailor, Billy has a flaw of stuttering, which in the end leads to his demise. Billy and Claggart are completely different, yet have one thing in common: Furthermore, both do not remember their families.

Thus, with similar backgrounds it is interesting how they both turned out completely different. Claggart became a master-at-arms with the nickname Jemmy Legs, which is derogatory slang for master-at-arms Melville, This is different from the childish nickname given to Billy Budd that expresses nothing but innocence.

Furthermore, Claggart has a compliant exterior that gains him promotions quickly due to hiding his sinister nature Melville, The narrator uses Billy Budd and Claggart to analyze how even two individuals from similar backgrounds can mature with two different personalities and outlooks on life.

Towards the climax it becomes evident to what extent innocence leaves Billy Budd vulnerable as he assumes everything is good and everyone likes him because he does not understand sarcasm Melville, Claggart believes that Billy believing that everything is good is a facade because he is evil and does not believe that such innocence is possible.

This is illustrated when Claggart misinterprets Billy spilling soup and Claggart begins to plot the takedown of Billy Melville, Is Envy then such a monster?

This shows that jealousy and a deep hatred of something or someone are joined as one, thus questioning the morality of envy. If innocence is not retained, one will become similar to Claggart if one has innocence, they cannot be like Claggart as his evil was innate and in his naturewhich brings about nothing but misery and destruction.Conscious Innocence and Opening to Vulnerability 06/29/ pm ET Updated Jun 30, I have often heard from people that after a powerful glimpse of the unimaginable truth of their being, the demons of the past seem to arise more strongly than ever.

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The vulnerability of innocence

At its best, it indicates innocence, child-like simplicity, and vulnerability. At its worst, it indicates humiliation, guilt, shame, and punishment.

Adam and Eve were attempting to hide their humiliation, guilt, and shame when they grabbed a .

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