Writing a blog on ipad

I recommend starting with one finger on each hand and work your way up from there. Keep it simple at first—no Shakespearian scripts.

Writing a blog on ipad

How-To This is pretty much all you need to write and publish to the web. I do all my work these days on an iPad. And they still say the iPad is just for consumption. One of the biggest problems with the iPad has been writing blog posts. You really did need a Mac to take care of the multiple browser windows and — most of all — the image uploading.

So make a coffee, sit back and enjoy this how-to: The comment I get most often is that swapping between apps to get things done is too frustrating. Second, these people conveniently forget that they spend their days on a Mac or PC flipping between windows.

And it has its advantages, too: I never command-tab into the wrong app on my iPad, or open an app and then have to search for the right window. And white, just because I like it.

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard This is the best keyboard to use with the iPad. The little cases with their little keyboards are fine, but this full-sized keyboard is still small enough to carry around, and runs on AA batteries so you never need to charge it or worry about powering it.

News Gathering Mail App Mail is my first stop of the day, usually after making a pot of coffee and taking it back to bed. I quickly work through all messages. If a mail contains something I want to write about, I send it to OmniFocus. This can be done in two ways. The advantage here is that you can have your Mac automatically add the message to a project, along with some other neat things like adding due dates and contexts.

Once there, you just tap to add it to a project, or leave it in your inbox. Reader plays nice with almost every app you have.

Reader is my RSS reader of choice for a few reasons. It lets you manage and subscribe to feeds unlike Reeder, my previous favorite. And it works with an embarrassment of other apps including — you guessed it — OmniFocus. Along with all the usual export and save-as options email, Instapaper, Evernote and so onyou can send an article straight to OmniFocus.

But the title and the link are carried across and this is plenty. OmniFocus Potential posts, ready for writing. I open OmniFocus and pick a story to write. I find I prefer to line up a bunch of stories over coffee and then head out to a bar or the library to actually write them up. Then we head over to the powerhouse of this setup, the awesome and flawed Writing Kit.

Writing Writing Kit Writing Kit is designed for researching and writing at the same time.

writing a blog on ipad

The editor is powered by Markdown, and offers one of the best extra keyboard rows for adding pictures, links and for formatting this remains visible even if you use a hardware keyboard. It also syncs with Dropbox, and can export Markdown and HTML to other apps, to a Tumblr weblog, to the clipboard, email, Pastebot or any of a gazillion customizable destinations.

The browser lets you easily send links back to the editor. It should also let you save images to the camera roll, but this often fails, and has done through the last few versions. Every time is a surprise!Writing on the iPad.

A blog post usually starts out, in one of the following capturing buckets: As a Mind Map on, ithoughts HD; As a traditional outline on, OmniOutliner; A mind map of this blog .

Free example essay on iPad: Technological advancements shape the trends that manufacturers are taking in manufacture of electronic devices. One such company is Apple that has manufactured a device that enables its users experience the web, video, photos and email in a totally different and new way.

You can draft blogs, take a photo and add it to your blog, respond to comments, and look at your site stats. It's an Open Source project so you can also help contribute to the app's development.

It's easy to create and edit pages and posts from your iPad, at any time you want. Upload media, take a photo for the week's photo challenge, and more. Write about this Very few smartphone apps are designed to prompt a user to write about something, although this is only for iPad and iPad mini.

It has pages and prompts selected by teachers specifically to encourage young children to write. Of course, there have been problems with stuff like punctuation or writing non letter characters. Writing about code on the iPad would have been suicidal, I think.

Also, I was a little put off by the fact that the blog post entry did not look too good on the iPad browser (the interface on . We’ve got a list of what we think are the best blogging apps for the iPhone and iPad for you today.

WordPress Probably the most popular blogging site for the tech industry is WordPress.

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